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      Please give us your thoughts of WindWorks course.

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      Totally love it!

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      I’m really excited by this course. I’ve been applying Greg’s principles to my own playing with great success. Has anyone else found SHAPE and APERTURE to be a revelation when approaching flexibility? In the past I spent a long time focused on BLOW which lead to force.

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      Guillaume M

      Hi !
      As there’s this forum now, let me tell you that I really love your videos, the way you explain things are very clear and it does make sense… Much more than with my last teacher.
      So thank you Greg !
      I haven’t started yet with WIndworks as I purchaded MTM book 1 two weeks ago, and I wanted to start it over again with those concepts… I am excited about it !

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      Greg Spence

      My pleasure Guillaume, very happy you are enjoying it. I have answered your other question on the other link. Best Wishes.

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      Hi Greg,

      Your new videos are very explicative (like before) but the quality is better and with a lot of humor.
      Your theory is no the same as my teacher (he says “play on the air”. I don’t understand that. He says “makes more pression to go high” but he can’t says how? He says not to modifie the embouchure. The air is only the key! But for me unfortunately it doesn’t work!
      So I’m going to work on your course seriously and i will see if it works.
      Kind regards.

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      Greg Spence

      Hi Francis, all I can say is work through and follow the course and it will make sense. Your teachers ideas are all too common and in his best endeavours to teach you is possibly just passing on what he/she was taught that worked for them.

      Again, I have no problem with that approach if it works but you are the prime example of why I built this course – I am being told to do something but it is not working for me.

      Enjoy the course.

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      Greg! The course, videos, and website are fantastic! I am very excited to work through all of the levels! Ever notice how most if not all books with exercises to develop flexibility and range include a crescendo when ascending and/or an accent (^) on the top note? I’ve never understood that if all of these authors understood (and I’m assuming they did) that it actually takes less air to go higher. Hmmm…

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      Greg Spence

      Morning Professor Takacs, Hmmmmm indeed, you wait till you hit the later Singing C Series exercises, they will spin you out (metaphorically not physically :-))

      That approach by “most if not all books” is what has created the psychology that brass playing is hard work.

      Thanks for the kind words. Premium Stage is almost done 🙂

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      Hi Greg,
      I have discovered yesterday how your technic works! It’s a revelation!
      It’s very pleasant to play effortlessly and to have control on what we want to do! For me it’s no longer a hazard. I finally have a way to go.
      Thank you!
      Kind regards.

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      Hey Greg

      You did it again! 🙂

      I really enjoy the positive, constructive and respectful vibe on the forum as well.

      Greg Spence, a man with a mission! (let’s start a fanclub!)

      Thanks a lot,

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      Hi Tom,
      I agree with you.
      Greg’s teaching should be of public utility instead of frustrating so many students with false ideas!
      Best regards.

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      Hey Greg and the WindWorks team,

      The course is a fantastic aid and supplement to brass development of any level. Personally I play the Tuba and purchased a couple of MTM Books for myself & my brass friends. Your demonstrations of theories and concepts are very well explained and delivered, and can be applied to any brass instrument. Also the way the course is structured helps to break down an overwhelming topic into something a beginner can digest, and promotes developing good daily practise routine and technique.

      Sadly as I am not a professional musician (I dont get paid for performing or teaching), A monthly subscription to advanced sections of WindWorks are out of my budget. If there was a yearly pricing model or a cost model that would allow me to choose certain course sections for a year that would be more beneficial. Also because the price is in $US, the exchange rate of the $AU may cause the costs to increase or decrease month to month.

      However, overall, keep up the excellent work. And I will be encouraging more or my Brass comrades to consider your Courses. Thanks and keep giving us your best sounds!

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      Hi Greg,
      A fantastic comprehensive course that has given me a renewed enthusiasm for practise!

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      Greg Spence

      Hahahaha, I just saw all of these replies. THANK YOU for creating such a positive and nurturing environment. This was the first ever post we did as a means to test the forums functionality, hahaha! Anyway it’s still here so I’ll roll with it. Have a great day!

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      Some of the recent and best forum threads have many comments. Would you and others find it more helpful to have each thread listed in reverse chronological order to prevent the need for scrolling to the bottom each time?

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