• Hey Colin & fellow trumpeters

    Nice to see so much positive advice! I recognise the issue with the corners inwards, I myself did not get the results I expected so I still was missing something… When I raised in the staff, my tone became crunchy and unstable. I decided to take a little break from Windworks to search on the internet for other…[Read more]

  • Hi Greg

    I had reached the Ruby Stage, when I noticed I couldn’t play the Singing C exercices that relaxed anymore. So – having time thanks to Corona – I decided to go back and start the course all over to see where the problems started and I noticed something.

    I’m able to do the Aaaa – uuuh exercice, got the sympathetic oscillation, got it into…[Read more]

  • Hi fmaziers

    I’m replying to a quite old post, I know, but I relate to what you’re describing (you’re shape getting disorganised when you start doing staccato). I just found out that I also got to the point where I had a good shape after the aa — ooh, but when the staccato starts, my corners seem to relax with every note I play (going back to the…[Read more]

  • I once used diamond paste for a valve that was bothering me for a long time and it worked fine! I got it from a friend who has an instrument repair store. It takes some time to apply and rotate the velve long enough, but after cleaning the valves several times afterwards (all the diamond graines must be removed) the problem was solved!
    Good luck,

  • Hey Greg

    A problem that’s been bothering me for a while now… When I play, I need to ‘fold’ my bottom lip a bit while it makes contact with the mouthpiece. This seems to be causing quite some tension in the whole system and I’m trying to eliminate it. In the study room I can do this already (simply by following the steps: hum, aa-oe,etc.), but…[Read more]

  • Hi Greg

    Can we learn something about the way the lips LOOK like while playing, or shouldn’t we be concerned about that? I notice your course focuses on the feeling and the sensations, and does not really mention how a lip setting should look like while playing. I’m not really sure if you use the magnifying glass as a metaphore for discovering (by…[Read more]

  • Hey Greg

    You did it again! 🙂

    I really enjoy the positive, constructive and respectful vibe on the forum as well.

    Greg Spence, a man with a mission! (let’s start a fanclub!)

    Thanks a lot,

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