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      Hi Greg

      I had reached the Ruby Stage, when I noticed I couldn’t play the Singing C exercices that relaxed anymore. So – having time thanks to Corona – I decided to go back and start the course all over to see where the problems started and I noticed something.

      I’m able to do the Aaaa – uuuh exercice, got the sympathetic oscillation, got it into a big note on the trumpet, but after that first note when I start to articulate the detached notes (singing C) I seem to lose the tension between each note (when I play it really slow letting spaces between the notes). I guess the shape/tension in the lips (‘uuuh’) shouldn’t shift while playing all notes on the same pitch?

      It’s mostly the upper lip that tends to retreat directly after a detached note.

      Very curious if you would have some thoughts on this (or ways to eliminate it…)

      Thanks a lot,

      Hey Tom, great to hear from you and well done for recognising added negative tension and deciding to go back to earlier exercises. This is a step most people miss and rather continue to accept manipulation which is ultimately futile.

      You definitely must keep the same SHAPE aahooh when playing the same pitch; the only thing moving is the tongue.

      You will find the required SHAPE with exploration and maintaining pure PROCESS. Do not try to control the note in a familiar way. Be sure to have that magnifying glass out to scan for any involuntary muscular activation.

      This is worth taking time on as any unnecessary tension can multiply rapidly.

      Take care and keep the forum up to date with your discoveries, it is helpful for all 🙂

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      Ronald Carson

      Tom, this is a curious discovery. You are probably a more advanced player than I am.

      Generally, the Aaa-ooh (Aaaa-uuuh) exercise is a good way to set the embouchure before playing anything. This could keep old habits from creeping in.

      I cannot picture what is happening with your lips between the notes. You are changing something about your embouchure at some point.
      If you have a visualizer, practice the air release in a staccato manner in front of a mirror. You could discover what is going wrong.

      Where is the tension you are referring to in your embouchure?

      Where is the upper lip retreating to?

      See if this video helps. You may not be following the process as demonstrated. This is often caused by the body unconsciously employing old habits.

      Start about 12:43.

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