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Greg Spence

Here are parts of a reply to an email I recently sent:

Some answers for you:

What is your motivation for playing trumpet, pleasure or proving something? Yes a question can be an answer haha

Accepting not fighting the beast That’s what we were doing the other day making your stare it in the face Smile

Acceptance of the new approach I think you are there

Interrupting the automatic response

Give in and listen to your body

Your body is you ally not your enemy and that goes for your trumpet as well

Remove negative emotion and unwanted tension Easily said and actually easily done physically, just not psychologically

Ignore what you considered to be THE way from years gone by I’m pretty sure you have got this!

Tick those boxes and explore your trigger points then create a “non-default” pathway to find the beautiful sound you want to create.

NO emotional attachment to the immediate RESULT
NO impatience
NO false expectations

SIMPLY a love of playing the trumpet for the joy that the sound can bring.

Stew on all of that haha


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