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Working today on just getting a consistent buzz on the leadpipe. Not as much luck on the horn today, so I’ll stay focused on the leadpipe. My mind is already wondering how to move the pitch around high and low – I feel a little stiff in that regard – I can’t move it very far in either direction. In experimenting I have found that a bit more pressure does raise the pitch a bit. I find myself sometimes using too little pressure and if I add a touch more the buzz pops right out. No need to rush things although I want it all to come together NOW. Haha.

The purpose of MmmmAaaaOooh – In my mind Mmmmmm gets us to hum effortlessly as a reminder that this is what we want on the horn – the lips to interact with the air as the vocal cords do in an effortless hum. Aaaaa gets us to separate the teeth and open the jaw. And Ooooh, like john says is to get us to work the aperture corners inward reminding us to keep that aperture wide open and not to clamp the middle of the lips together.

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