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Thanks all, I’ve got to reread all this great stuff. Had two show rehearsals this weekend, and they went surprisingly well and I felt much better than expected. There’s a lot of high stuff (Legally Blonde) which I usually crap out on pretty early on in a rehearsal. But, even at the end of a 3-hour rehearsal I was still cranking away, albeit perhaps not as accurately, but my chops didn’t feel wasted as they normally would. Perhaps I am subconsciously using a bit more forward direction of the lips. I am certainly not consciously doing it. I’m topping off at about an E above high C – I don’t get it every time, but in past shows I wouldn’t even try for it as I knew it was out of reach, and I would struggle for D’s. Now the D’s are more secure, and the E’s are possible. Couldn’t get any of the F’s though. This is still a journey of discovery for me. I have to experiment more with the aperture corner setting.

Peter, the best way to share a video is to post it on YouTube (unlisted) and post the link here.

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