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Peter, you’ve given me some more to think about and try. I suppose part of my confusion is that I thought we wanted the embouchure to come forward more as well as in. When I form the cooling soup set, then try to bring corners in, my lips pucker out simultaneously. I can’t figure out how to isolate the movements at this time. The aperture does get smaller, however.

John, thank you! I can play strongly but now wonder if I over exert and overblow. It certainly feels like hard work at times, so that’s an indicator. Wow, sound like Tom Hooten is describing exactly what we are trying to replicate. I’d certainly be willing to try that gadget but ugh, $120. If it works it’s certainly worth it. Since I can’t seem to figure out how to make the muscles do what I want them to, maybe that’s just what I need. I really think that if I can figure that out, some kind of astronimcally huge epiphany will take place which will change my playing forever for the better.

Greg, about to dive in to your video. Not sure I can get to all of it at the moment but I’ll just pause and come back until it’s done!

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