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I had the same experience. Keep the Faith, and you’ll be better for it. It’s not as easy as saying engage the aperture corners and we’re good to go, the reality is sometimes frustratingly subtle–a f*ing knife’s edge of difference. It can be excruciatingly subtly different. The good news is, you’ll be better for the experience. The bad news is that you will have setbacks.

When I had setbacks, I eventually learned that focusing on Process rather than Results (i.e. Range) was the answer.

I would have success “owning” a new note(s), then get excited and lose focus on the Process that got me there. That happened a number of times, hate to admit it, before i realized what my mistake(s) was (were).

If you re-focus on efficiency, resonance of sound, relaxation, you’ll likely find your way again–as I did.

Godspeed to you.

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