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Greg Spence

Hi All, here is a response from Matt, our WindWorks IT Wizard.

“That will be the Recaptcha thinking he’s a bot. Then it likely changes its mind and lets him through. Not sure there’s much we can do about this, because we definitely need to have Recaptcha in place. We’ve already got the text “If you receive an error when submitting this form, you can send us a message.”

The Recaptcha, as bloody painful as it is, is a necessary evil to stop spam-bots etc.

Being in Australia, sometimes out replies might seem delayed but we are in a totally different time zone.

We aim to correct any technical support issues ASAP, basically as soon as we see them no matter what time day or night.

General questions are prioritised as we get a lot and I take care of most of that; Matt is the support tech.

I hope that answers your question.


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