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I am very intrigued by your experience of switching between “2 embouchures” when you first started this transition. Could you elaborate more on what your old setup was? I feel I am in the same boat. I have started this process a few times but gave up after a bit as I got bogged down trying to keep up with gigs. I’ve finally decided that I want to begin each playing day with 20-30 minutes of Windworks concepts, which at this point is just to get the sympathetic vibration with the mmaaaoooh lip formation. I am slowly getting better at this but it is still foreign to me as I currently play with an embouchure which has the lip setting thinned out and against the teeth. I am resigned to just patiently stick with this process with no expecations for as long as it takes. After my designated windworks practice I’ll just go back to my old set and carry on as usual. Any information you can provide would be helpful. Thank you!

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