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Hi Tandeitnik, I am only on the Largo Sing C step 3, but I agree with you on this.

I am really having a hard time with the fact that Greg keeps mentioned how the MOST IMPORTANT THING is changing the shape – don’t tighten, don’t clamp – but just change shape. It is in all his videos and written in all the text. HOWEVER, there has been no talk of HOW to create this shape change in our lips or mouth. It is quite frustrating. I am working hard to not let it bother me as I just try but, as you said, I am writing in my journal notes like…
“What is the difference between clamping lips and changing shape?”
“Am I clamping or changing shape?”

The image above is ok, but I think there needs to be more explicit teaching about changing shape if it is going to be reiterated as one of the most important components to making these exercises work. I am achieving step 3…but I still don’t know if I am clamping or changing shape.

I am hoping Greg will respond to this. The confusion in the tasks is taking away from the experience for me.

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