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Neat idea, Ron! I’ll try to think of an agenda to suggest–I think that would be key. If Greg is sitting in, perhaps even just a Q&A with him would be INVALUABLE for everyone. That would be pretty exciting, actually. I actually haven’t had a lot of time to play / practice lately and have been mostly just screwing around and not playing a lot of WW exercises per se. I have been playing most days but mainly warming up, playing some music and some flexibilities and whatever exercises I think I need to hit. So I’m not sure it would be that useful to watch me demonstrate anything, but I’ll try to go back and hit some of the WW exercises again–especially the “upper range development exercises in the Adagio, Andante, and Moderato stages” you mentioned above. I’d get an even bigger kick out of helping someone else get through their issue than I did working through mine–my range was limited to G above the staff up until a couple years ago. I’m still working through things and I’m no Maynard Ferguson (nor do I want to be, honestly). But I’m enjoying how easy it is, when things go right (usually they are these days), to play above the staff.

Depending on who wants to join, we may want to tweak the time so it works for UK, Australia, etc. I can do the time suggested though and will try to make it whenever it is. Thanks!