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Thanks John,

Your thoughts align exactly with my planned approach too. I have been having issues with removing all the old habits and am trying to balance playing other exercises & music with the demands of Greg’s process(and muscles that are probably not used to working this much). I think fairly successfully, but time only will tell. I am very aware that in the far past I was reliant on brute force and unaware of the role of the shape and aperture corners and corner-tension (for want of a better phrase). I heard an interview with Wynton M from a couple of years ago, were he refers to massacring Bach’s Brandenbourg for years. I feel rather similar (though sadly have never been able to perform the Brandenbourg).

Regarding the asymmetry, I agree; there are many of my heroes who do not play dead centre. This isn’t my problem specifically. My concern is more that I get the feeling sometimes that one side is not pulling its weight when working on the harmonic slurs. I’ve been trying to isolate the feeling at both sides independently only so that I can create a better balance of the two. But main focus has been together. It did get me wondering how many other muscle groups we can isolate to assist in the process.

Great to have your input on this and my general challenges and good to communicate with someone going through the same challenges as I’m facing. Many thanks for your feedback. This is a massive shift in mind and the subconscious, but so far so good.

All the best,

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