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Thanks for the reply John. From my perspective, you are very lucky to be someone who achieved the sympathetic oscillation on the lead pipe right away. I am someone who had at a young age was taught the ‘mm’ formation of the embouchure with the lips right together and it has taken me many months of reprogramming just to be able to consistently form a healthier shape. But at least, with Greg’s patient help, I’ve made progress in that regard. Creating a vibration with that shape remains elusive but that’s okay. Truly learning what it takes to reprogram a subconscious motor response has been fascinating and I look forward to continuing the journey. I feel very fortunate to live in a time in which resources like WindWorks are so readily available. Recently I also stumbled on Dion Tucker’s website, “The Chops Shop.” Dion is a top of the line jazz trombonist who has played in the Lincoln Centre Jazz Orchestra and his approach is very similar to Greg’s.

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