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Hi John
Sorry for my bad English. As you understand I meant above the staff (i.e. A and Bb just below High C). You might be right about the smiling; I have to check this deeper.
It’s good to hear that not only myself push more flesh into the MPC when going up in the register, and the lowering of the jaw might not be a totally bad thing.
You figured out that I do play chromatic ascending scales, and the initial “weight” of air might not be enough when coming up in the top register, that´s right. I will follow your advice and start from the top as a variation.
I´m still impressed that you and others can play a high “C” and eventually even higher, without any tension or extra active air from the abdominals. I surely have to stay more focused and practice-practise -practise…..
Thanks for all good explanations and advices

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