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Hi John
Thanks’ for your valuable comments and suggestion for a better practicing.

Yes, my granddaughter keeps playing. Still it´s most fun and not to heavy practicing. After one year she still enjoys to meet with me once a week to play. (I try to encourage her on the phone to do some minutes every day in her home with her mum, but it´s not easy….).
When we meet, we start with the MPC+leadpipe a few minutes. She has a good setup and intonation. After that we make long tones on her King cornet (from 1937) and we compete with how long we can hold a “G” on one breath. She has air and good tone for about 22 seconds at the moment. After this breathtaking exercise, we make some slurs and lip drills. We are improving faster and faster drills.

Now we are almost warmed up and we start to play the register from low “C” up to “D” above in the staff. I have to stop her, as she can continue to “E” and eventually “F”. I do not want her to go up in the high register too soon as that can trigger her to use “force” or pressure.
Sometimes we have a game where we try to sound different modes. Angry, upset, scared, anxious happy etc. She like this. We also listen to long tones by Walter White and she can hear and hold the correct tone and intonation. (I´m impressed myself that she can do it).
Reading scores is difficult and I have to remind her quite often about the fingering. I have talked to professionals about this, and they suggest that we do not put to much effort on scores. The playing is the most important, and the reading will come later. One trumpet teacher I know (he´s playing trombone in our Big band) suggested that we follow the principle used by the music a school in Barcelona/Spain – St Andreu Jazz Band. Just listen and follow.

The professional Andrea Mottis grew up in this school. I have heard her live in the local jazz club when she was a young girl. She is a very good trumpeter and singer.

Anyhow, I have bought a series of easy jazz studies with play along for beginners (Mark Nightingale – Easy Jazzy ´Tudes). My 10-year granddaughter love this, so I look forward to see how she develop in the future.

I wish you a nice weekend and a Happy Easter.

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