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Hi Jim
I was in a similar position when I retired 12 years ago having not played for over 20 years and having once been a competent classical player. I could not get close to where I had been in my younger days. I took on a new challenge of playing jazz. Things were going well with a great teacher till I had a minor surgery on the playing spot of my chops. I had to review everything and have searched high and low for the most efficient way to play. I think Greg has cracked it. I am 71 now and getting better with some regular gigging. I have worked with singers most of my life and still conduct two choirs. The singing analogy is brilliant. I have a close up of me playing at a gig on Sunday and there is so much tension. I am going to go back over some of the early material as I know it works. Keep going; it helps the brain and the body.


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