• PHK replied to the topic Jazz and Improvisation in the forum WindWorks 1 year, 8 months ago

    For anyone UK based I can highly recommend Jazz School UK – The Shoefactory. They run courses through the year and get in the very best UK teachers, including Steve Waterman for trumpet.
    There are others.

    If you want private online tuition with one of the best players in the UK I can recommend Neil Yates. Watch his…[Read more]

  • Points from the Live session Sunday morning 28th August 2022

    1 Psychology of come back players

    I have been meaning to post on this for a while. A lot of players on the site are comeback players. As a comeback player I constantly find there is a frustration of not having the same ease of playing when younger. There a a number of reasons for…[Read more]

  • PHK replied to the topic Mouthpiece Honeymoon? in the forum WindWorks 3 years, 1 month ago

    Record yourself on good equipment and listen carefully. It sounds different out there. I have been through the safari many times and have a huge collection. Initial impressions are deceptive. I recently was happy with one set up. A friend offered me a trumpet to try and I recorded it but found some issues I had not expected. After an evening of…[Read more]

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  • PHK replied to the topic Trombone mouthpiece in the forum WindWorks 4 years, 5 months ago

    I find playing trombone helps a lot. I can feel body tension I was unaware of. The shoulders relax considerably and I am now aware of this when playing the trumpet. I then find relaxed chops just slowly slurring and use this to find the same shape on the trumpet. I used to start with way too much tension so had nowhere to go. I am even starting to…[Read more]

  • PHK replied to the topic Fighting the frustration in the forum WindWorks 4 years, 8 months ago

    Today was different again and when I read this theme I felt this might help a little.
    Some years ago I was advised to play the trombone to feel more clearly the vibration of the lips. Having bought an old instrument off a friend I used it for a while but then let it go when I started doing MtM. Now WindWorks has come out I have started to use it…[Read more]

  • Thank you Bill and Greg for your masterclass in how this sight works. Invaluable to us all.
    It has reinforced my recent thoughts re purity of process. Having dipped into Emerald after some reasonable responses in Ruby I have gone through all the course from the beginning yet again in the last few weeks and have reached Andante A. Each time I go…[Read more]

  • Last paragraph should be the “ahoo “ position.

  • Hi Greg
    I did post a few weeks ago about jaw position. In the upper register I find myself pushing the jaw forward with a pivot like movement. When doing my Ruby exercises I get clear soft notes but cut out on the crescendo but sometimes opening up with this jaw movement. At a gig on Sunday I struggled with a G at the top of the stave but made…[Read more]

  • HI. Interesting point this. I have been playing on larger mouthpieces but have been recommended a smaller piece by a friend and it does help. I am now working about 3C size. However, I have never been able to play on shallow mouthpieces. I tried a Marcinkiewicz Shew 2 some years ago and found my endurance disappeared and on one quintet gig I had…[Read more]

  • PHK replied to the topic Jaw position in the forum WindWorks 4 years, 11 months ago

    Hi Greg
    The jaw is also a problem for me. I have worked through the course again to the ultimate stage. Recently I am finding issues with volume. I think I have the process correct with clean soft notes at the top of the exercises but when I come to do the crescendo things sometimes seize up. A slight forward jaw movement takes the lower lip out a…[Read more]

  • Sorry to hear this Greg. It must be so frustrating. A few years ago I had to have minor surgery right on the placement spot of the mouthpiece. It was no playing for three months and then back to the beginning with a ton off patience. Thankfully I am not dependent on playing for my livelihood.
    I posted back in November that I had gone back to the…[Read more]

  • I intended posting a very long list of issues on Thursday but when I pressed submit lost the lot because of an internet problem. This was one of my issues. I am also finding I am playing on the red of the lips and working toward a bigger mouthpiece. I sometimes do the early exercises on trombone. This way I really feel the lips vibrate. I find…[Read more]

  • PHK replied to the topic Revision review in the forum WindWorks 5 years, 5 months ago

    And the end product when I came back in the afternoon to my normal playing involved a scale from high C up to G with repeated ease and much less of the manipulation to pivot etc. A day when it works. It may be back to the stave tomorrow. Thank goodness I don’t have to earn a living from playing this thing.

  • PHK started the topic Revision review in the forum WindWorks 5 years, 5 months ago

    I have gone back over the early videos yet again. This time I picked up on the Largo long tones. I had dismissed them as not important for general revision. This time I watched carefully as after last weeks success I had had a dip. Yesterday I went through all the first set and today focused on Largo singing C and then the long tone and C#…[Read more]

  • Interesting. I have been planning to post for a while as I am observing changes. Pre Windworks I had been using book two and slurring up to Eb above the stave but not able to use it in performance. I worked through this course fairly quickly and and was waiting for the ultimate level. While waiting I went back to the first video again and worked…[Read more]

  • PHK replied to the topic Progress in the forum WindWorks 5 years, 9 months ago

    Hi Jim
    I was in a similar position when I retired 12 years ago having not played for over 20 years and having once been a competent classical player. I could not get close to where I had been in my younger days. I took on a new challenge of playing jazz. Things were going well with a great teacher till I had a minor surgery on the playing spot of…[Read more]

  • PHK replied to the topic Singing C Eb exercises in the forum WindWorks 5 years, 10 months ago

    Sorry but it is not the singing C Eb but the the Eb Allegro exercises which sounds D as the drone is the wrong pitch.

  • I assume you are aware that the Singing C Eb exercises are recorded on D and not Eb. This was interesting as I am trying a new mouthpiece and it set off a whole lot of tests of the intonation across the instrument as the Eb is the hardest note to get in tune at the moment. Also interesting that you say this is where a lot of people hit problems. I…[Read more]

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