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      Hiya Greg,
      What are you thoughts regarding jaw position with an overbite, aligning teeth to have space for air without causing jaw problems?

      Hey Thom, I want the lip tissue to be as aligned vertically, as comfortably as possibly without any strain in the jaw whatsoever. I cover this in detail but I don’t mention the jaw much as when, for example, the aahooh – tissue – visualiser exercise is done, the correct alignment is not far away.
      I hope that makes sense. Greg

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      Hi Greg
      The jaw is also a problem for me. I have worked through the course again to the ultimate stage. Recently I am finding issues with volume. I think I have the process correct with clean soft notes at the top of the exercises but when I come to do the crescendo things sometimes seize up. A slight forward jaw movement takes the lower lip out a bit more and the volume becomes greater and the chops freer. I now start the day at an earlier level to make sure I am focused on the aperture corners. This is helping. On a gig last week I was tiring towards the end and this slight jaw movement opened everything up for a while. If I try to find this jaw position everything screws up. It has to happen naturally although I am beginning to control it when I find it. Is the volume thing and jaw movement a common issue? I may need more movement than most as I have longer top teeth and feel I need to push the jaw out to get the air going up.

      Hey Paul, I’m always interested in the word “sometimes” 🙂

      There are many possibilities when “sometimes” is involved, mostly fatigue and/or your awareness of what you are actually doing.

      “When I find it” – You are still in experimentation/exploration mode which is cool so expecting it to work every time at this stage is unrealistic. Over time you will really find what works for YOU based on the efficiency principles laid out throughout the course.

      Stick with it.


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      Hi Greg, hope you are doing well on the tour
      I join tomismemnoch and Paul with the jaw issue. I am working in the premium level on the e until g and I think caused by my overbite my lower lip goes a little bit under my upper teeth when I try to produce the f, fsharp and g. I have no idea how to work on. I now ask you is this because I am only half a year working on my trumpet skills, that the musculature hasnt build up enough? I feel no power and control over my lips, to form such a tiny aperture to produce this higher tones. Or is an overbite an more serious issue for trumpet players?
      Thanks for your reply
      Klaus from Switzerland

      Hey Klaus, I am going well thanks!. An overbite is no issue in fact it is very common. Without seeing you it is difficult to say what is going on but 6 months is a very short time and the Premium Level is very advanced. I suggest that if you work really slowly back through from Largo and pay really close attention to all of the videos you will find that your issues are starting far lower than you expect thus requiring you to try to use “strength” to force the notes.

      It is not strength, rather balance of SHAPE and air flow that is required to play efficiently.

      All the best,

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      Rob Bennsky

      I’m up to the Ruby level and I’m learning hot to move the bottom lip/jaw forward and blow an upward stream of air. It’s very foreign to me as I have an over bite and never was trained to blow this way. However, I have noticed when I do this I can pop out a couple of higher notes, unusable though. I’m hoping it won’t take long to learn and master this.

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