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      I have gone back over the early videos yet again. This time I picked up on the Largo long tones. I had dismissed them as not important for general revision. This time I watched carefully as after last weeks success I had had a dip. Yesterday I went through all the first set and today focused on Largo singing C and then the long tone and C# flexibility exercise. Today was different again. The sound was more open and free. You say in the video that the face muscles may react differently. I found after about an hour of just focusing on process in the lower register that the face muscles were slightly aching. The highest note I played all morning was E top space on the stave and then only to feel how high I could maintain the the difference.
      Another example of the difference was in the repeated G’s stopped with the tongue. I had a feeling of the balloon deflating rather than even a small sense of blowing. I am doing this a I recognised problems with the throat much further into the course. I still have a psychological barrier above the stave. Some days it goes way beyond and some days it is the limit. When it works I feel a slight pivot and the chops seem to roll out with more pressure on the lower lip and there is a change in the throat which I cannot work out. When it doesn’t I notice extreme tension in the throat and there is a complete blockage.
      I think having gone through the course is helpful when going back over the early videos. There are concepts in the later videos which highliqht the issues in the early videos and vice versa.
      I work with choirs and have applied many of the concepts in the course with real success. A relaxed voice is a resonant voice. Once I put the mouthpiece on the lips it all seems to go out of the window. I think you have the solution but nothing is easy.

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      Greg Spence

      Hey Paul thanks for sharing! As I go through my golf experimentation, the process I undertake is EXACTLY what you explain above. Just when you think you’ve “got it” go back and watch it again, you’ll find something new or in my case re-discover what I thought I was doing but wasn’t. I am about to post in the gold thread more about this.

      There is SO MUCH information tucked away in those early videos and many will, as you did, write the early exercises off as unimportant, YET, they are not recognising the deeply ingrained inefficiency that is ever-present in their playing.

      It is becoming more and more apparent that the number one issue with what we are trying to achieve is the learning process itself; a LOT more to come on this one. You are definitely on the right path – and yes, how cool is it with singers. I have done quite a bit of work with some very experienced singers (and woodwind players) and the results are quite profound as they too, are not aware of their inefficiencies.


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      And the end product when I came back in the afternoon to my normal playing involved a scale from high C up to G with repeated ease and much less of the manipulation to pivot etc. A day when it works. It may be back to the stave tomorrow. Thank goodness I don’t have to earn a living from playing this thing.

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