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      Has anyone experimented with using a trombone mouthpiece for some of the shape exercises?
      Greg briefly mentions it a few times. Is it a way to help feel the shape more closely? Or could it possibly develop some more aperture corner sensitivity?

      For me, I’ve noticed it helped a lot with loosening the center of the lips if I feel overly tense. It also seems to help exaggerate the movements and discovering new sensations. Just wondered if others have discovered anything.

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      Haven’t tried it but was thinking about it after finding a 1 1/2C worked better for me than a 3C… Played Baritone (Euphonium) in middle school…was thinking maybe that’s why a bigger mp worked better… Probably not, probably just something physical.

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      I find playing trombone helps a lot. I can feel body tension I was unaware of. The shoulders relax considerably and I am now aware of this when playing the trumpet. I then find relaxed chops just slowly slurring and use this to find the same shape on the trumpet. I used to start with way too much tension so had nowhere to go. I am even starting to play trombone music and use it to review the early videos of the course. Different instrument with different expectations as Greg says. It only takes a few minutes each day and can be part of my warm up or when I feel too tense on the trumpet.

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      Rob Bennsky

      I was thinking about getting a PBone for pedal tone practice…I would think if you can get into the upper register on trombone your embouchure and aperture corners should get strong enough to play trumpet in the upper register.

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      Although that might be the case for some, it’s probably not a strength thing. I think there’s value in feeling the corners working while playing a trombone mouthpiece since there’s more cup to vibrate in. When going back to the trumpet mouthpiece, however, it becomes more apparent how subtle the movements need to be. Plus, it really relaxes the center of the embouchure. That’s my experience, anyway.

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