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      Just had a coffee moment!
      I had gone back to the beginning again and have probably got up to about 100 or more repititions of the tissue exercise.
      Was really making it fly with no exertion in the body, just releasing with the tongue until that felt more natural than pushing the air out.
      Anyway, worked on the visualiser, getting it set right. Then the mouthpiece, buzzing the leadpipe. You all know the drill. Got my buzz going up and down a bit, once again no push, all aperture corners.
      Been gradually working up to letting the low C go.
      Take 20 roughly, the note blasts out of the horn so clear and resonant and effortlessly I had to put the horn down and meditate on what had happened!
      I use a mute, unfortunately, as I live in a small flat, but even through the mute, I could hear a note like I’d never played before.
      Just wanted to share that.
      Sorry to ramble.

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      Yes!!!!! Awesome Leo! Congrats, that’s great to hear.

      Be patient with yourself and continue to focus on Process and how you got to that point. It can be tempting to switch to focusing on Results right after you have a breakthrough and set Expectations that everything will work the same way tomorrow and you can progress onward tomorrow. You may, but you may not–and you will definitely not if you stop focusing on process and just try to spend your newfound ability on stretching your range, etc.

      If you do find yourself feeling frustrated soon after a breakthrough, pay close attention to what you are doing and think clearly about what had gotten you to where you were when you had the breakthrough.

      Patience is our biggest asset and Expectation is our biggest liability–it kills our ability to experiment and to learn. We must be patient and remain objective observers. If we try something and it works, great–we learn from that. If it fails, we learn from that as well. If we try something and manipulate other things to make that something “work” then we’re not learning more about how the instrument works, optimal efficiency, etc.

      Best of luck and keep up the good work!

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