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      Rob Bennsky


      I’m struggling to play lip trills/slurs faster. Seems like I have a heavy and lazy tongue. I’m soon going to be playing music that calls for lips trills and I’d like to be able to play them up to speed. I have read and seen on YouTube that lips trills are played by moving the tongue back and forth in the mouth and that the lips change pitch shapes simply by the movement of the tongue. Is this correct? Is the secret to fast lip trills/harmonic slurs really with the action of the tongue?

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      Greg Spence

      Hey Rob, the movement of the tongue Will not facilitate the change in lip shape.

      Lip trills are a change of pitch. There is a common misconception that the change in tongue position will change the pitch by varying the speed of the airflow; this is simply incorrect.

      I highly recommend going and watching and also completing the harmonic slurred challenge that I did over five weeks to become really familiar with the feeling of harmonic slur changes. There is a whole lot of information in the lessons.


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