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      Hey Greg,
      I have the feeling now that i play trumpet with my lips like “in ass of hen” (I hope this expression is used in english too) or like i kiss my mouthpiece. But when i look in the mirror it is not so pronounced. But at present i have a more resonant sound and my lips don’t hurt anymore.
      But it is really like this i have to work because it feels unusual for me. Am i in the good way?
      Thanks for your reply.
      All the best.

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      PS: sorry but i think that the right expression is “bowl mouth”!

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      Or to pucker your lips is much better!

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      Greg Spence

      Hahahaha, I get what you mean!!! 🙂

      Francis, if it didn’t feel different, then you are probably not doing anything differently so therefor you will not get a different outcome!

      To me, “the sounds is more resonant and it doesn’t hurt any more” says it all.

      Stick with it!!!

      Best Wishes,

Viewing 3 reply threads
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