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      Rob Bennsky

      I’m currently learning how to use mouthpiece compression to sound out higher notes but I’m not sure what it is good for? When using it to stab notes in the upper register I usually miss the note (usually go higher) and the note is not very powerful. So what is this technique good for and when is it used?

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      Greg Spence

      Hey Bennsky, you have partially answered your own question 🙂

      1. Develop accuracy of SHAPE, the pitch change mechanism

      2. It’s a very powerful psychological exercise to disengaged the body from pitch. The tendency is to really overblow when entering higher lines or stab notes so learning to find the correct SHAPE without engaging the body and merely using the compression from within the mouth alone is very important.

      This is explained in detail as you work through the course.

      Cheers, Greg

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      Rob Bennsky

      Is it actually used when playing or just as an embouchure/aperture exercise?

      It’s absolutely a valid technique to be used as often as possible as long as the sound of the articulation is appropriate for the style of music being played. I am sitting here running some tunes for a gig I am doing with an Australian band called The Cat Empire and have been taking particular note of where and when I use it; it is often!!!

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      Rob Bennsky

      I’m finding that I’m able to pop out double Gs through mouth compression easier than actually playing the note. I’m guessing that’s a good thing as it’s teaching me how to properly use my aperture and tongue. I’m hoping that it will become easier to sound the note.

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