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      Has anyone noticed any changes in their use of mouthpieces since undertaking the MTM efficient approach?

      Over time (pre MTM) I had collected various mouthpieces from a 1.5C to a 7A and more recently a Yamaha Gould ( which has the widest internal rim and widest throat of the lot). Generally I think the more efficient I play the less the different mouthpieces seem to actually matter.

      Has anyone else (including Greg of course!) noticed changes in the mouthpiece(s) used when playing efficiently ala MTM/WW?



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      Greg Spence

      G’Day Mike, I can play the same range with all of my mouthpieces but the workload and sound changes. Being a guinea pig to my own ideas, I found that I could work down to the mp I want for lead that I never used to be able to play, the Bobby Shew marcikeweicz 1.5, I was on the 2 for years and I don’t like the 1 even though I can now play it fine. As Bobby said to me years ago “not everyone wears the same size pair of shoes”. Find what is comfortable and sounds good for the job you need to do. Cheers

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      I have only just started the trumpet..730days in..i bought the Wedge 10 days ago and it is terrific..enables ease of playing..

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      Rob Bennsky

      I currently play a GR 65 (.650, number 3 backbore) C* mpc. Prior to starting the course it worked really well for me until I moved up to 1st chair in my community bands. Along with the extend ranges of the 1st parts and learning a new way of playing via the WindWorks course, my jaws and cheeks were getting very sore, to the point I would have to stop playing for a few seconds, especially when playing in the upper range. So I downsized to a .640 mpc with slighly tigher backbore (number 2 backbore). This seems to have helped, allowing me to playing the upper register easier with less soreness.

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