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      Where can we find more instruction with respect to the tongue? With harmonic slurs by tightening aperture corners, I can arch the tongue and produce one more harmonic without pushing or tightening elsewhere. This tongue information would be a helpful conversation/video to have in the course as early as possible with respect to range, tone, non-articulation roles. Maybe the next Facebook live event? Thanks

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      Greg Spence

      Hi Eric, there is a whole heap of tongue explanation/material coming in the Ultimate Level. It is quite complex and more appropriate for extended range so is purposely omitted in the earlier levels. Basically I use the simplified line of “the lips choose the pitch/overtone, the tongue makes it sound good” approach, you may have seen that. Have you seen this video, I begin to touch on oral cavity resonance: Definitely happy to address it in the next LIVE Q+A.

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