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    I’m happy for you!
    You did return to andante level 5 times?

  • Hi. I have underbite and with the visualiser and I am also shooting very bottom part of the tissue if any.
    The answer to your question is from you :
    << PS. version 1 gives me better results in playing >>
    DO what sounds good. Don’t think too much, don’t ovwerthink. It’s hard . I know it.

  • If you’re a brass player, or instrument player, you DON’T need another teacher. Greg is even more than you need.

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    Check out my reply in your topic (Struggling with the basics)

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    I want to ask you a question,and I want you to answer it:
    did you notice something on video?
    If not, I think I know what you’re doin’.
    You’re doing very good with the visualiser and tissue, but when you pick up the trumpet, your old habits start to kick in. But don’t worry,the fact that you are doing good with the visualiser is already…[Read more]

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    Let me tell you this. I have same thing. I feel Im making constriction ( neck ) even when talking, and Im feeling very strained and tensed in the area of vocal folds ,neck, shoulders . Other people cant hear me , so I have to force a little. Its all about habits. I played 15 years on my instrument the wrong way, thats why I do with the voice also.…[Read more]

  • From my experience, be carefull what you do. I also searched many different aproaches on hot to relax my upper lip. Once i did find some streching video on youtube,so I tried that.The next day I had rehearsal and I couldn’t play above C2 ( french horn ) which is the next to middle c . My lips just didn’t want vibrate in upper register ,at all! So…[Read more]

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