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Hi Greg
The jaw is also a problem for me. I have worked through the course again to the ultimate stage. Recently I am finding issues with volume. I think I have the process correct with clean soft notes at the top of the exercises but when I come to do the crescendo things sometimes seize up. A slight forward jaw movement takes the lower lip out a bit more and the volume becomes greater and the chops freer. I now start the day at an earlier level to make sure I am focused on the aperture corners. This is helping. On a gig last week I was tiring towards the end and this slight jaw movement opened everything up for a while. If I try to find this jaw position everything screws up. It has to happen naturally although I am beginning to control it when I find it. Is the volume thing and jaw movement a common issue? I may need more movement than most as I have longer top teeth and feel I need to push the jaw out to get the air going up.

Hey Paul, I’m always interested in the word “sometimes” 🙂

There are many possibilities when “sometimes” is involved, mostly fatigue and/or your awareness of what you are actually doing.

“When I find it” – You are still in experimentation/exploration mode which is cool so expecting it to work every time at this stage is unrealistic. Over time you will really find what works for YOU based on the efficiency principles laid out throughout the course.

Stick with it.


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