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Hi Greg, hope you are doing well on the tour
I join tomismemnoch and Paul with the jaw issue. I am working in the premium level on the e until g and I think caused by my overbite my lower lip goes a little bit under my upper teeth when I try to produce the f, fsharp and g. I have no idea how to work on. I now ask you is this because I am only half a year working on my trumpet skills, that the musculature hasnt build up enough? I feel no power and control over my lips, to form such a tiny aperture to produce this higher tones. Or is an overbite an more serious issue for trumpet players?
Thanks for your reply
Klaus from Switzerland

Hey Klaus, I am going well thanks!. An overbite is no issue in fact it is very common. Without seeing you it is difficult to say what is going on but 6 months is a very short time and the Premium Level is very advanced. I suggest that if you work really slowly back through from Largo and pay really close attention to all of the videos you will find that your issues are starting far lower than you expect thus requiring you to try to use “strength” to force the notes.

It is not strength, rather balance of SHAPE and air flow that is required to play efficiently.

All the best,

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