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I’m not even trying to play the horn at this point. Just many, many repetitions of BCH breath, slingshot, Maaaooohhh with lips, then visualiser. I’ll eventually switch to mouthpiece. Then maybe to leadpipe sparingly. I don’t want to force results. I did have a moment where a low buzz emerged from the leadpipe but I kept wondering whether that was a mistake and I was manipulating. The lips are much more forward than I am used to. Different is good. Continuing the retraining. I’ve jumped in completely. I’m pretty obsessed. I’ve always got a visualiser and even when I’m not using it I’m moving the lips maaaooohhhtutututu. I do notice that sometimes I don’t get the same airflow with the visualiser, as if it blocks the airstream at times. Trying to make sure I place it properly on the lips and that it doesn’t close down the aperture.

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