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Greg Spence

Hey guys, we are undertaking changes at the moment and all of the comments above are definitely taken into consideration.

Thanks to John Elwood for his helpful replies!!!

@thommitsch If you work through the WindWorks course, all of the concepts are laid out and explained in order. It might be worth making notes in the comments box at the bottom of the page. I understand there is a LOT of information. I always aim to make everything as concise as possible but I will keep working at it. PLEASE let me know what in particular you are having problems with.

I will endeavour to put a concise description of each lesson on the course outline.

If you have seen a later video where I refer to particular concepts, don’t panic they are all concisely explained as you work through. Part of the reason for the course is over the years people said there was no order to my videos, and they were exactly right. WindWorks hopefully addresses that.

This is an open invitation to please contact and let me know of particular issues so I can address them.

Very best wishes to all!