• Hi all,

    I recently stumbled upon some singing technique videos where a lot of detail and exercise is put on the exact positioning of the parts in the throat (larynx, back tongue, soft palate). For instance:

    While I…[Read more]

  • thommitsch replied to the topic Pianissimo low notes in the forum WindWorks 4 years ago

    I just experimented a little more and found that it seems easier to achieve a sympathetic oscillation using this less-than-passive exhalation, because the aperture is smaller, which means there is less lip tissue oscillating.

    But this may also be taken as a hint that my mouth and/or aperture corners are too tight to allow a broader portion of the…[Read more]

  • thommitsch replied to the topic Pianissimo low notes in the forum WindWorks 4 years ago

    Hi Ron,

    Thank you for your insights and taking the time to answer. I agree that we should start from the basics and that’s why I am trying to understand the low C as a starting reference point before going on to the next levels.

    In order to back off from a passive exhalation to using even less air, I find that I am using the inhalation muscles,…[Read more]

  • thommitsch started the topic Pianissimo low notes in the forum WindWorks 4 years ago

    Hello everyone,
    When I play low notes (e.g. low C) as relaxed as I can, it is already quite loud. What is the best / most efficient way in your opinion to play those low notes quietly, like pianissimo? I tend to keep the inhaling muscles slightly engaged, which keeps the internal air pressure even lower than in passive reduction, but I guess it…[Read more]

  • Hi Greg,

    Thanks for your reply! I appreciate your continuous work to improve the course and the website! I will just proceed with the curriculum and hope for things to clear up more in the next videos. If I encounter any particular issues, I will let you know.

    Looking forward to the first results!

  • Hi John,

    Thanks a lot for taking the time to kindly answer my question. I had seen that there are around 170 videos on Youtube and I have also watched some of them. Currently I am not sure if I should go through more of them rather than the videos here to try to puzzle all the glimpses on different aspects together. I believe you that someone…[Read more]

  • Hi Greg,

    while I really like your approach and think that I could profit from your method, the website and the structure of the content feel quite intransparent to me.

    As someone who starts at the beginning of the course and who is not familiar with your naming (e.g. Body Concert Hall, a-ooh), you keep refering in your videos all the time to…[Read more]

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