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      Hi all,

      I recently stumbled upon some singing technique videos where a lot of detail and exercise is put on the exact positioning of the parts in the throat (larynx, back tongue, soft palate). For instance:

      While I first I had not thought much about the “Body’s Concert Hall” (I thought that it is focused mainly on keeping the vocal cords open and reducing overall throat resistance), I have know understood, while watching Greg’s great newest videos, that another important aspect is taking advantage of the throat as a resonance chamber for a more efficient sound wave oscillation. Now I am wondering what the “perfect” BCH position looks like in detail (I assume high soft palate and flat back tongue for a large cavity, but am not sure if the larynx should be up or down, the back tongue retracted or forward, etc.) and if it might be advantageous to do some of the exercises in the singing videos in order to improve the BCH. Or, the positioning might also be dependent on what sound color you want to achieve or it might change with the register. I would be interested to hear your opinions on that.

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      These are very interesting videos; thanks for posting them!

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      This very question is what brought me here—thanks for asking it and linking to these vocal videos!

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