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Greg Spence

This will all be explained in a lot more detail a little further down in the advanced section of the course.

My reply to that ideology is:
1. Can you sing falsetto?
2. What do people that sing falsetto feel like when they sing? Is it a consistent feeling across the board? I suspect not.
3. What do people that sing falsetto think they are doing when singing high? Are they correct?
4. Does the idea work for you? If so, then go with it. It may cause confusion.

Above a high C (more like concert d or Eb but for arguments sake lets say high c), the instrument basically becomes an amplifier of the mouthpiece buzz. DON’T SHOOT ME! This if from physicists and instrument makers – however, do I teach people to buzz high c’s on their mouthpiece? No! Why? Too much negative tension creeps in.

I think it might be more of a psychological approach rather than a direct technical analogy?!

It is a SHAPE change by virtue of the fact that the tension of the vocal cords is changing but that is getting in to a very complex comparison.

I certainly wouldn’t go in to the pressure in the oral cavity area either. Does it change? Possibly. Should we work on increasing pressure? NO WAY!

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