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Greg Spence

Hi Bill and folks, so Sorry for the delay in getting to the forum.
Q. “when I go back to my “other” setting when I play my Clarkes or other exercises and music, aren’t I just reinforcing my old bad habits?”
Absolutely not. Does the mmmaaaoooh feel different as far as freedom of flow is concerned? Does it feel easier to play, even in the low register? The exercise is about developing a new feeling or sensation that will, over time flow through into your regular playing. It is allowing you to recognize the “point of difference” between your old and new approaches. The brain wants to make it easier and this is an invitation via the power of suggestion and actual experiencing.
Bill, your conscious mind is threatened by the phenomenon of “strangeness” i.e. It feels so radical and different that there is NO WAY it can work. Based on your understanding of the oscillation of the air column and the lip sympathetically oscillating on the air column, learn to override these messages and allow yourself to really experiment and recognize anything that comes out of the horn. Be intrigued, not threatened.
You say you “still can’t” do things… I developed this over years (and I will do a video to outline my journey) but stick with it. What you may consider failed attempts are actually steps closer to the goal that should be embraced not rejected.

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