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      I didn’t have time to completely explain my method or answer any questions.
      My grabbing my trumpet and croaking out a few notes without a proper breath should not be taken as an indicator of results.
      I’ve made successful changes to my playing as a result of this exercise for about a year now, so I didn’t just trot out something I came up with last week.
      If any of you think it might be of use to you, my name on this forum is Gregorsc ( it was Gregco on Zoom.

      Greg Coughlan

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      Greg Spence

      G’Day Greg, thanks so much for sharing and I’m sorry I had to jump in, we would have got to the end of the session and there would have been some unresolved things that needed to be addressed.

      I need you to know that I loved hearing about your experiences and processes and am keen to hear how it all played out.

      Great work.


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      G’Day Greg,
      First I wanted to thank you for your gracious reply to my posting. I saw that late Sunday evening locally, and and it made me feel better about the whole experience.
      I had been slightly miffed that the others in the forum probably thought I was nuts for demonstrating an off-the-wall away-from-the-horn exploratory exercise without (because we ran out off time) showing how I integrated what I learned from it into my playing.
      Also I wasn’t quite sure you understood what I was trying to do.
      Well, I just watched the partial recording of the session you put up today.
      First, I was pleased to be a supporting player in what I think was your best (and maybe only) explanation of aperture control methods.
      Second, re-watching it in a more relaxed state showed me that you understood at least 75-80% of what I was trying to accomplish. You tied it into my demo at several points and gave me credit (and some criticism) for the effort. I greatly appreciated that and it heightened my respect for you as a teacher.

      Unfortunately, this will probably be my last post on the forum. I was still mulling over signing up for Ultimate at that time, but hadn’t. I just confirmed that toward the end of the session you said “…if you don’t sign up in the next three days, you’ll get a red flag.” That was Sunday afternoon here in the US and I took that to mean that as an existing member I had until Wednesday to get the $399 rate for Ultimate. Monday was a holiday in the US and I was out all day with family and didn’t check the email account I use for Windworks between Sunday evening and when I got up late this Tuesday) morning, so I managed to miss your 24 hour warning.

      Re-watching how you dealt with me and the subject in the forum made me decide to sign up, but the window had closed.

      So, I wanted to thank you for all Windworks has taught me. Luckily, I have been able to download your books and will be able to use them as I continue to pursue the trumpet on my own.

      Greg Coughlan

      PS I’ll be here another week or so until my low level sub runs out, so I can still answer question as stated in my previous post.

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      Brad D

      Hi, Greg.

      I really appreciated what you shared on the Sunday session. I respect that you have discovered something that works for you and I admire your willingness to risk being judged and share it with the rest of us. I also thought that it led to a very helpful piece of instruction from Greg (Spence).

      I’m sorry to see go. I think, if I understood Greg (Spence) correctly, that, in light of your previous subscription, he might still be willing to honor your upgrade to Ultimate. Why not ask him? What have you got to lose?

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      Greg Spence

      Hey there Greg, I would have loved for you to get to the end of your demo, we just had time issues.

      I would really appreciate it if you were to do a full video of your experience for all to learn from.

      The Red Flag wasn’t about signing up, I would never do a threat like that. The red flag is if people fail to connect with the Support Group Platform within 3 days of joining up. (This platform is still being implemented and should be up tonight.)

      I will of course honor the old price for you. You are a valued member of the WindWorks community. You are a prime example of what we are looking for. Creative, happy to experiment, and determined to try anything to get the desired result; WindWorks exists because of my willingness to do the same.

      I’ll email you.

      Best Wishes Greg!
      Greg Spence

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