• G’Day Greg,
    First I wanted to thank you for your gracious reply to my posting. I saw that late Sunday evening locally, and and it made me feel better about the whole experience.
    I had been slightly miffed that the others in the forum probably thought I was nuts for demonstrating an off-the-wall away-from-the-horn exploratory exercise without (…[Read more]

  • I didn’t have time to completely explain my method or answer any questions.
    My grabbing my trumpet and croaking out a few notes without a proper breath should not be taken as an indicator of results.
    I’ve made successful changes to my playing as a result of this exercise for about a year now, so I didn’t just trot out something I came up with last…[Read more]

  • In my experience (10-12 years many years ago and 2 recently), horizontal pressure can sometimes cause an already sticky valve to hang, but again it should not have happened from day one on a new horn. There is always some horizontal pressure from right to left when you play, but I doubt that worrying about that will do anything but mess with your…[Read more]

  • You say the valves were sticky from the first day? That’s not right — No more than one application of Yamaha’s recommended oil should have been necessary if it was indeed brand new.

    Unless you practice “Flight of the Bumble Bee” at warp speed for eight hours a day, you horn does not need to be oiled every day. Depending on the oil and how…[Read more]

  • In other words, each measure contains 4 beats. So if you could play it for 2 measures you could check the 8 Beat box. If you completed an entire 4 measure exercise at 80 BPM, that would be 16 beats.

  • So we should assume 4/4 time (4 quarter notes to a measure)? Wouldn’t putting a time signature on the exercises clear this up? (Each beat equals 1 quarter note = 2 eighth notes = 4 sixteenth notes.)

  • gregorsc posted an update 3 years ago

    No word from brother Bryan yet. I know he was investigating signing up for the Largo trial. Maybe he didn’t have time to follow up this week.

  • gregorsc replied to the topic Trombone Versions of exercizes in the forum WindWorks 3 years ago

    Be careful what you wish for.

    Hahaha, I look forward to it 🙂

  • Greg,
    I have a brother who sometimes plays trombone club gigs. He tells me the last part of the third 45 minute set is often pretty dicey as far as endurance is concerned.
    I’m about to recommend a Windworks trial to him, but wondered the low brass versions of the exercises (like in the Largo stage) carry on through the entire program or, if not,…[Read more]

  • Greg,
    Glad to hear you’re taking my comments in the spirit they were meant. I figure you’ve got a lot of balls in the air on this project and if no one points flaws that might discourage others to sign up, you might not notice them.
    Also, thanks for not kicking me out either.
    Greg Coughlan

    Thanks Greg, as I said, I need to be told and really…[Read more]

  • Greg et al:
    I’ve been watching your videos and trying some of your ideas for several months. I found them helpful to my comeback trumpet playing adventure, but when I decided to sign up for the free Largo trial, I was put off by how difficult it was to get a concise explanation of the ENTIRE M to M plan. For instance, I was watching some videos…[Read more]

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