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      …but we’re trying to set the air in the trumpet vibrating.

      That’s why we don’t need to push/blow into the trumpet, we just need to strike the air column enough to start it vibrating, and then maintain the vibration for as long as we want.

      Pushing/blowing into the trumpet is like trying to play drums by smashing the drumstick all the way through the drum. Rather, we just need to strike the drum skin just right to set it vibrating.

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      Greg Spence

      Welcome to the party 🙂

      Great stuff.

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      Thanks Greg 🙂 We had a great first lesson, and I woke up the next day with this in my head. Think it was my brain’s way of synthesising the stuff you kept repeating during the lesson.

      I managed to get my leadpipe sounding for the first time yesterday. It’s gone now, but I know I’ll get it back.

      When I can get it consistently, I’ll schedule our next lesson 🙂 Looking forward to it!

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