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      First I must thank Greg for the WindWorks course. As a beginner its making a lot on sense and I am finally getting results with less effort. Here is something I do at the start of my day to engage my brain that aperture corners change pitch. The first play of the lead pipe I just release a steady stream of air without making a buzz. On the second I do the same but this time slowly tighten the aperture corners inwards until a buzz sounds. It like magic. The buzz is a direct result of the tightening of the aperture corners nothing else. Its very subtle. This one fact and the release of air instead of pushing air has unlocked the door for me for easier playing at my level. I now understand that there is a shape for each note and that air support is just that, its supports the sound not controls the pitch.


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      Greg Spence

      Thanks Peter and well done for you discoveries, it will prove to serve you well as you develop. Please help me out by sharing your experiences with playing friends. Word of mouth is the best way to get this info around. Much appreciated and keep it up. Cheers, Greg

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