• Eckleberg if you are worried about if you are doing it right, then you could post a short video of your playing. I know that sounds scary but everyone here will only give you positive feedback. Just a thought.

  • John your post makes perfect sense to me. I too have noticed that when I get everything right I get that magic moment when the notes just fly with such ease. However as yet I haven’t found consistency. I have also discovered how little the aperture corner movement is to change pitch the further you ascend. That and building my embouchure muscles…[Read more]

  • Many thanks again John for your thoughts. I am not practising at Forte more MF. However I get your point about passive air exercises and will continue doing these. I think when playing the results driven exercises I will try playing them a little softer to make sure I am not over blowing.

  • Just found this video. Maybe answers your question.

  • I think Greg says that the upper limit on pitch is around F/G on the leadpipe due to its length. I can play fairly easily up to F/F#. If I give the air more compression the note jumps up an octave to F/F# on top of the staff. I’m not sure you can play anything in between.

    Do you have a particular video that shows something different ?

  • Thanks John. I totally get that Shape changes pitch. However my question was really about how our body should feel with regards air pressure / compression when ascending playing at a level volume. ie Results driven. So either playing a scale or slurring from low to high. I feel that from low C to middle C only a slight increase in air compression.…[Read more]

  • When playing with supported air and maintaining an even sound, how would you describe the difference in air pressure/resistance the body feels when playing an open harmonic slur low C – G – C – E – G – high C ?

  • Francis is looks good and sounds good too. As far as I can see you have nailed it. Well done. How do you feel ?

  • Denis Wick adjustable cup mute works for me. Takes the edge off the volume enough to reduce the penetrating sound without any air restriction. Tried various practise mutes and found they were too restricted and quiet so I over blowed. Best to practise without but the cup mute works well.

  • Not sure Francis but it sounds to me you are on the right lines. I am not sure I have fully got this yet but I think I’m getting closer each day. Good luck.

  • Francis just an update on my video regards aperture corners. Been reviewing all the posts and Gregs video on how pitch changes. My video could mislead you a little. Greg states that aperture corner tension changes pitch. This tension or firming of the aperture corners makes the corners move inwards to change pitch. My video implies its the…[Read more]

  • Thanks for posting. Have seen these two videos before but had forgotten about them. Should be the first videos to watch before trying to play your first note on a trumpet as an absolute beginner. If you google “How to play the trumpet” what do you get ? Usually a very accomplished player with well formed embouchure muscles buzzing his/her lips.…[Read more]

  • Interesting video John thanks for posting. Been concentrating on passive air with my slurs today to try and refine my control of the aperture corners. Had a good day.

  • Glad to help. Isn’t this such a great forum. I just finished practising some more slurs using passive air. This really concentrates on the corners to get the notes to speak, rather than cheating with a push of air. Do remember that in practise slurring from say low C to G in the staff, the inward movement of the corners is very small. More a sort…[Read more]

  • Hi Francis

    Here is my video hope it helps.

    Let me know what you think.
    Cheers Peter.

  • peterdlevis replied to the topic Aperture Control in the forum WindWorks 4 years, 6 months ago

    Here is a link part 2 of 4 of an Allen Vizzutti clinic 2009. I am sure you have all probably seen this but it enforces what Greg is teaching.

  • peterdlevis replied to the topic Aperture Control in the forum WindWorks 4 years, 6 months ago

    John thank you so much for such an enlightening post. My range at the moment is F on top of the staff. Yes I can play the G but its weak. The notes above that to high C are just starting to speak. However I’m really interested in the fact that you have latched onto passive air. This is something I think I am going to concentrate more on. My…[Read more]

  • peterdlevis replied to the topic Aperture Control in the forum WindWorks 4 years, 6 months ago

    John you seem to have a good grasp of this. Can you clarify for me that as you ascend from low C to middle C to high C the size of your aperture decreases and corner tension / firmness increases.

  • Francis yes thats a good way of explaining it. Another way to feel this inward movement is to put a pencil in the centre of your aperture and hold it by only using an inward movement of the aperture corners, WITHOUT any sort of pinching of the centre of the lips. Support the pencil with a hand if its easier. This is just to get that inward…[Read more]

  • Francis great video. I see exactly what you are asking now. I don’t think either way is correct. Hold your initial embouchure setting. This looks great. Now move the aperture corners inwards by doing the opposite of your second method. No need to drop jaw. In your second method you are moving the aperture corners outwards towards a smile. Do the…[Read more]

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