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      Hi everyone, I’m Reijer from the Netherlands. because of naging neightbours i have to do a lot of execising with my silent brass mute. I was wondering if this does affect the progress of the sing C Exersizes and progressing into the new feeling?

      Love to hear what you guy’s think.

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      I have stopped using mine. I feel it is a risk of “overblowing” and pressing against the lips, at least for me.
      When I use my earphones, I try to keep the volume on the high end to force my self to not blow so hard. I have not tried the C exercises with the Silent B.

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      I have to use mine to practice due to schedule as well. Not my favorite way to play, but sometimes its necessary. I also have one of those old bucket mutes with the cloth in it that muffles the sound but is open on the sides; I play that when it’s not too late/early as it keeps the sound from carrying but doesn’t stifle the air as much.

      I do feel a need to play open more now with WindWOrks as my sound is kind of my guide to make sure I feel / sound open. Hard to tell how resonant I am with the mute in.

      I honestly don’t think I’ve done the singing C exercises on the silent brass, but I have had success playing the WindWorks methods on it.

      Interesting about overblowing, Bo–I recall a video I saw on YouTube from Lynn Nicolson regarding the opposite–using a practice mute to help overcome overblowing:

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      I’m interested in this too. I have a few practice mutes and can’t play at just any time of the day… I also have the Silent Brass system (mk1)… I feel like it’s a lot more work and I’m wondering what I can do to compensate. It feels like it throws my normal practice out for sure…

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      Denis Wick adjustable cup mute works for me. Takes the edge off the volume enough to reduce the penetrating sound without any air restriction. Tried various practise mutes and found they were too restricted and quiet so I over blowed. Best to practise without but the cup mute works well.

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      Great to see that i’m not the only one that has thoughts by using a mute during Windworks practice.

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