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      So I can play the harmonic Greg talks about here:

      And I can get sympathetic resonance. BUT I can’t play the next harmonic up.
      So many people on the net say it should be easy, and that it’s a warm-up.

      I’m still playing in the Largo range, and trying to build slowly, but the lead pipe does make me second guess… Am I doing something wrong if I can’t even get it to sound those upper harmonics?

      Greg’s Reply

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      It takes some people longer than others. To be honest, I didn’t spend a lot of time on the leadpipe. I get it’s benefits and use it occasionally, but it’s not the same thing as playing the horn–playing the horn is easier.

      The key thing is to make sure you’re engaging the corners as you start releasing air into the leadpipe/mouthpiece then slightly tighten the corners inward towards the center of the mouthpiece / air column. The pitch should change. It takes a bit more on the leadpipe as the slots are farther apart. On the horn, it’s a subtler, smaller change to change pitch.

      Hope that helps.

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      Thanks @johnelwood. I can change the pitch, but not after a certain point. I just kinda hit this ceiling. I’m hoping that it’s just about time and practice – but of course I worry that I’m just not getting it. You can always keep digging, but if the treasure is on a different island… 🙁
      Anyway. Early days still. I am on holidays now, so will spend my time in Japan on the leadpipe and see if the connected WindWorks + leadpipe only practice can make a difference away from the horn.
      as always, thanks for your wisdom.

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      I think Greg says that the upper limit on pitch is around F/G on the leadpipe due to its length. I can play fairly easily up to F/F#. If I give the air more compression the note jumps up an octave to F/F# on top of the staff. I’m not sure you can play anything in between.

      Do you have a particular video that shows something different ?

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      Just found this video. Maybe answers your question.

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      yes, thanks Johnelwood. That’s the video that makes me panic. I can get the pedal tone and next fundamental, but after that…
      But I’ll keep trying!

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      No need to panic.

      The person in that video is an amazing player, and playing the leadpipe is harder than the horn.

      Playing the mouthpiece is harder than the leadpipe.

      Free buzzing is harder than the mouthpiece.

      The farther removed we go from playing the horn, which is designed specifically to slot in the harmonics, the harder it is.

      But playing the leadpipe and mouthpiece can be helpful. Yesterday, for example, I was experiencing some poor results–having difficulty slotting certain notes, flexibility seemed off, etc. I did some harmonic slurs and bending on the leadpipe, and went back to the horn and sounded and felt great.

      But my understanding is that the time we do it should be limited, as it is much more intense for our lips than playing the horn.

      My $.02 FWIW. Good luck!

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      Don’t panic.
      Do you panic because you can’t yet play a screaming double C like Wayne Bergeron? Of course not! That would be silly. This is the same thing.
      This leadpipe routine that Chase Sanborn is sharing is very advanced.

      Rather than panic, ask yourself, what I can learn from it? What is my reaction to seeing someone do that? What is the sensation in the body (and face) when playing the pedal tone or the first slot?
      Am I producing this tone with pure process? (See largo status)
      What happens when I try for the G on the stave?

      The problem with this routine is that the leadpipe has slots that very far apart so the step-by-step method and process of moving up a tone and seeking out where manipulation and tension start is greatly compromised.
      In short, don’t panic, ever, in relation to trumpet. Just keep learning, experimenting, seek and destroy manipulation, tension and personal limits.
      Watch Greg’s videos on his leadpipe routine. You are here in the WindWorks course so stick to it. I don’t mean never watch anyone else on trumpet on youtube, learn from everyone, but relate it back to windworks. How does this fit in to the course?
      Hope these thoughts help you on your trumpet journey.

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      Thanks @Alistair. This is great, and what I need to hear. I need to accept where I’m at, and keep practicing. Im not panicking because I can’t hit triple c like Wayne, but I do worry that I have trouble hitting the G on the second line of the staff consistently and accurately.
      I guess one of the tough things about windworks is not having that direct feedback from a teacher. I keep worrying that even though I think I’m following the process, and taking my time… what if I’m actually just practicing the wrong way?
      But basically your advice helps a lot. Hold onto one method (this one), follow it patiently as best I can.
      Thank you.

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      Eckleberg if you are worried about if you are doing it right, then you could post a short video of your playing. I know that sounds scary but everyone here will only give you positive feedback. Just a thought.

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