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      When doing the lip buzzing exercise with fingers pressing on aperture corners, I can easily get a buzz with no clamping and lips in the centre loose. However the buzz only sounds when the lips lightly touch. Is this correct ?

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      Greg Spence

      Hey Peter, yep that’s fine. Be sure to close your eyes and ask yourself:
      1. Is it PASSIVE
      2. Are the lips interacting with the air as if they are the vocal cords? Not sure? Hum a PASSIVE note and appreciate the sensation of it then compare it to the lip buzz.

      For those of you that are reading this but have not seen the course, it will be easy to make a false judgment about what I am talking about here.

      I use the lip buzz in a way that is different to tradition and it is explained in detail in the reange development sections.


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        Yes as far as I can feel its Passive. With eyes closed it feels that the buzz starts with the lips apart. However when I look in the mirror the lips just touch and that starts the buzz. Feels very relaxed. Buzz starts with little air. Certainly no clamping.

        Many thanks Greg.

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