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      Hi Greg
      A couple of weeks ago I joined a post called Jaw Position. I explained my problems. You never answered this. I think you were on your tour. but anyway maybe you read it now and may give me a hint if my overbite problem is not really a problem or you have a solution I have overseen in this big amount of information you give along the course. I am working up to the G above the staff and always feel my lower lip touching my upper teeth. I already used wider mouthpieces and so on. Is that an issue where players think they have phyisical limits in learning the trumpet.

      Thanks for your answer,

      Klaus a beginner from Switzerland who is in the course for 7months..

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      Greg Spence

      Hey Klaus, I’m really sorry for missing your message, I’ll have a look for it. (I don’t see all posts, the idea here is to have players talking to each other but I check in every so often)

      I really suggest watch all of the Largo Stage videos with a fresh mid and then watch the PU-LIP-KU-KMT-TU 5 articulations video.

      YOU DO NOT HAVE PHYSICAL LIMITS from what you have said.

      The tissue (find airstream), visualiser (place rim), mouthpiece, leadpipe, sympathetic oscillation, leadpipe/trumpet transition, will all get you into the low register really efficiently.

      I think re-looking at these video will really help.


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