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      Hi, everyone, I wanted to share some things I’ve noticed in my own playing.

      I realized after a few weeks that my inhalation was too tense. My abdominal muscles were way too involved. I’m now letting my air find a more relaxed path in and out of my body.

      Secondly, I had been struggling with my top lip pulling up. Well I finally figured out that I wasn’t doing the “mmmm-aahh-oohh” correctly. My wife was my “mirror” for helping me with the “ooohh”. Once the “ooohh” was relaxed, I started getting much better results. I’m also feeling the corners engaging much more naturally.

      I just got through a couple of very challenging concerts full of movie music, one of which was nothing but Star Wars music. Greg, I could not have made it through without the WindWorks course. Many thanks!

      Mike Wells

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