• Hey, Greg, I’m going to be in rehearsals today. I hope the sessions go well. Talk soon.

    Mike (Wellsy)

  • wellsweb62 replied to the topic How do you warmup? in the forum WindWorks 1 year, 8 months ago

    Hey,Janet, I made a post on this topic a little while ago. I ditched my lip slur routine a few weeks ago because of exactly what you said. I was bringing a lot of Me 1.0 into my warmup every day. I finally realized that I wasn’t going to make progress by taking backward steps. My warmup consists of simple chromatic slurs in the middle and low…[Read more]

  • wellsweb62 replied to the topic Leakage in the forum WindWorks 1 year, 10 months ago

    My question would be “how does it feel when you play a ‘no-note’?”. In other words, when you are just blowing into the instrument, can you feel air coming out?

  • As I have progressed, I think back on the students that I have had. I can’t help feeling really bad about how I tried to teach them. I was very much a “try harder” kind of teacher. There was one older gentleman who took lessons from me for a few months to try to get back on the horn after many decades away from it. Sadly, I wasn’t able to help…[Read more]

  • Hi, everyone, I wanted to share some things I’ve noticed in my own playing.

    I realized after a few weeks that my inhalation was too tense. My abdominal muscles were way too involved. I’m now letting my air find a more relaxed path in and out of my body.

    Secondly, I had been struggling with my top lip pulling up. Well I finally figured out that…[Read more]

  • wellsweb62 replied to the topic Proper Pressure in the forum WindWorks 4 years, 8 months ago

    “Too little pressure will not enable the oscillator to respond to the change in air pressure and therefore have a weak, airy sounds and more than likely air escaping at the aperture corners.”

    And that’s exactly what happens when I play in the extreme upper register. But thanks to this program, I’m on my way to solving that problem. Thanks again,…[Read more]

  • wellsweb62 replied to the topic A Bit of Confusion in the forum WindWorks 4 years, 8 months ago

    Thanks, Greg, my vision is very poor, so my wife (terrific musician!) is acting as my “mirror”. She’s helped me with the mmmm-aahh-oohh. I’m able to do this now without exaggerating the movement of the lips. I think I’ll go back from the beginning with a revised sensation.

    Mike Wells

  • Hi, Greg, I’m noticing that most of my issues/tensions are a bit opposite from the “normal” issues. Instead of pinching I tend to over- pucker. My bottom lip tends to fall out of the mouthpiece when I’m at the extreme point of tension. Instead of a thin sound, I lose the tone to a rush of uncontrolled air. Since I’ve started WindWorks, I’ve been…[Read more]

  • wellsweb62 replied to the topic Proper Pressure in the forum WindWorks 4 years, 8 months ago

    Hi, Chris, thanks for your reply.

    My question is more about using too little pressure. I’ve avoided pressure most of my adult life, and I’ve been able to do that quite successfully since I spend most of my time in the lower register. I’m curious to know if there are signs of using TOO LITTLE pressure. The signs of too much pressure are painfully…[Read more]

  • wellsweb62 replied to the topic Proper Pressure in the forum WindWorks 4 years, 9 months ago

    Hey, Greg, thanks so much for for the response. I think you are talking about lip to lip pressure. I was referring to mouthpiece pressure against the lips. I’m sorry if I wasn’t clear.

    Mike Wells

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  • This is my first post. Be gentle.

    How do I know if I may be using too little pressure? Too much pressure has been a fear of mine since 1980. That’s a long time to be messed up! I’m a professional French horn player, but I’ve lived my life hiding in the fourth horn chair where my lack of high range isn’t as noticable. I would have gotten away with…[Read more]

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