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Have you gotten to the part about active/passive breath? I am getting the most out of the exercises so far by not getting into the active breath even if it gets very soft or I lose the note, I’m using that to show me I dont have the right shape yet. Ive also found that practicing the exercises in whisper tone is helping me refine shape. Even when I support too much its important that I catch it and note when I go active – back down and try harder not to. In just 2 weeks Ive gotten from a no strain middle c to e to a no strain no push e-g. The shape/pitch thing has been the most eye opening to me but it all been spot on for help so far. This is just my experience and I hope Greg weighs in. I’m learning to just be patient as things just seem to fall in place ( be presented) at the right time (when youre ready).
My $.02 – actual value probably much less!

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