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Greg Spence

Hui guys, thanks for your questions!

– The Singing C Series is about purity of process. I would love to see you doing them so shoot me an email if you have time to get on to skype or facetime for a minute or two. I have seen many serious Pro’s have real trouble, even in this range, to do the correct process.

Are you really on the lookout (Magnifying Glass) for closure of the Body’s Concert Hall and/or engagement of the support muscles in the PASSIVE exercises? Get back to me by the time you get to E and G and see if you are saying the same thing 🙂

That being said, yes, you are looking for the best sound you can possibly make and if they are done with precision, then congrats and you are ready to keep moving up.

– I must pull you up on your first sentence. Just to be clear, you are right in as much as we want ultimately to sound great (like in the answer above) however at the beginning, PROCESS is everything, I DON’T CARE WHAT IT SOUNDS LIKE!!! Some of mine sound terrible in the demos, that is of no concern. Purity of sound will come in time. I could have made them sound much better but that is not demonstrating the purpose of the exercises. You MUST be on the lookout for negative tension.

As for your second statement, with the utmost respect I am afraid you are completely wrong my friend. The fact that you have mentioned that negative tension shows how vitally important it is to do these exercises very, very slowly over a long period of time. You WILL find these notes adhering to the specified process, and the benefits of patient exploration are huge, but you must be patient and really aware of where any manipulation creeps in.

As I say in the videos, “This Is Deep”. Take your time. Don’t be afraid of recognising manipulation, embrace it and be fully aware of your inefficiencies as this is the way to eliminate them.

ULTIMATE MASTER SERIES – There is a bunch of new stuff coming in the Ultimate Level but rushing in to that without having mastered the Premium Level will only delay your progress. Yes, at times some of these exercises might seem mundane and repetitive and that is why you need to be playing MUSIC too. Let the benefits of these exercises slowly morph in to your playing over time.

Stick with it!