WindWorks Trumpet Academy Forums WindWorks Leadpipe exercise. Any comments on this routine?

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      oh my. Does this sound good?

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      Holy moly. I’ve seen Javier Gonzalez a little on YouTube and his mentor, Bill Bing. He’s an amazing player.

      I think there are definitely some similarities between how Javier plays and what Greg prescribes–one setting for the entire range of the instrument. And clearly he’s playing relaxed and with a good sound in all registers.

      The leadpipe is bit more taxing on the lips than playing the trumpet normally, but in moderation I’m sure it’s beneficial. Greg has some lessons playing leadpipe as well.

      My lips have been a bit off lately. I’ve noticed when that happens that some leadpiple and/or mouthpiece and/or lip bending does them some good.

      My $.02 FWIW

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      Thanks for posting the video. His sound is amazing, and I agree that he looks relaxed.

      However, as the pitch increases so does his volume suggesting more support than passive release and perhaps a more synthetic oscillation. Although these exercises may be a future goal when the Windworks concepts are solidified, for those of us enrolled in a course about “less is more” and no pushing/clamping, emulating these exercises prematurely could be destructive.

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      Bob Fox

      It may be that the air flow is more consistent than you might think. We know that it takes less air in the upper register to make the notes speak, and they sound louder than they actually are. They have more “zing” and focus than bottom end notes, and sound louder than they are. Finally, there is very little passive about this etude. The passage is long, the player is using circular breathing (wow!) and he is going for good sound quality, all demanding engagement and active playing. I believe he is playing very efficiently.

      By the way, Javier is currently playing on the US version of “Dancing With The Stars,” amongst other things.

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